About me...

Since I can remember, a crayon and a blank canvas has been my happy place. Whether that blank canvas was a piece of paper, the ‘boring’ thick novels in the bookcase or the wall (behind the curtains). Being creative is my purpose and I get to do what I love and do the best every day.



a person's sense of resolve or determination.

Mission & vision

To bring the beauty of creative design and user experience together with an effectiveness that draws attention and hits the target market every time.


After dabbling in creative spaces after school (architecture and fashion design being two of them), I finally settled on graphic design and web development.
In November 1999, I obtained my diploma in Electronic Publishing from Mediatek in Durban. The course covered desktop publishing, design for internet and multimedia. With my newly acquired set of skills and feeling confident that I am Y2K compatible, I set off to Cape Town in 2000. 

Since then…

  • 2000 – self-employed (freelancing)
  • 2004 – corporate “Burlington Gap” (US based)
  • 2006 – self-employed (freelancing)
  • 2010 – corporate “Career Junction”
  • End 2010 – self-employed (freelancing)
  • Mid 2011 – startup “Evly”
  • End 2011 – corporate “Euromonitor”
  • Beginning 2013 – startup “Bfound”
  • Mid 2016 – bought a coffee shop, designed and produced all own marketing materials
  • Mid 2019 – self-employed (freelancing)
I have always taken huge inspiration from Jim Davies the creator of Garfield as I’ve always been a big fan! The quote below is a simple one but very true and has been an excellent motto for me to always keep in mind.

I get to do something I love to do for a living and I don't have to do anything else, which is great.

Jim Davies