Website design & development

I am constantly working on keeping my portfolio for web design and development fresh and updated. Technology has just become mind blowing and the information technology industry is no exception. I am privileged to have been there  from raw coding HTML in 2000 to working with WordPress today, where the focus has shifted greatly to user experience and an attractive, efficient web presence. Below are a couple of samples, some are very old technologies from the beginning of my career but still demonstrated good design principles. Watch this space for updates on more new, exciting and dynamic responsive websites.

Butterfly Centre Website

Such a privilege to make this colourful, happy and important website for the amazing Butterfly Centre in Stanford

Overberg Gems Website

Overberg Gems is a brochure site for accommodation in Stanford, Western Cape

Tuschemy Website

Tuschemy, a chemical producing company in Strand, Western Cape

Bfound Website

Bfound was a website I designed and worked on with a back end web developer using