Social media management

If you want to reach a fresh, focused audience fast, social media publicity is a must. All the major social networks offer advertising options. The idea is that you get your message out, keep the audience engaged by regularly communicating with them, by posting and advertising content such as specials, new services/products or related articles.

To grow your online community on a social media page, such as Facebook “likes”, there is specific audience targeting marketing software built into the social media engines. This enables you to aim your page at specific groups whether it be age ranges, gender or geographic location. You specify how much you would like to spend, for how long the ad campaign must run and in return you get new visitors to your page that can be invited to “like” your page and will then proceed to see any of your future posts that you put out there. 

I can help you maintain this online audience and customise it at a rate that suits your pocket.

Examples of maintenance for social media:

  • Updating and designing cover pictures
  • Designing ads for new services, menus, specials
  • Posting relative information and articles related to your product/service/organisation
  • Boosting posts to capture a wider audience that could potentially start following your page (A budget needs to get set up for online social advertising)
Samples of social media advertising for Coffee Corner